make a strawberry milk carton

How to Make a Cute Strawberry Milk Carton

Strawberry Milk Carton template

How to Make a Cute Strawberry Milk Carton

May 13, 2022

If you love cute paper crafts then you'll love this one. Just click the orange button to downlaod and print out the Strawberry Milk Carton Template, then follow the Step-by-step tutorial below on how to put it together. There's even a full video tutorial if you get stuck.


5 Steps to Create a Customized Strawberry Milk Carton

print out template
Step 1 - Print it
  • Download the Strawberry Milk Carton Template PDF
  • Open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Print it at 100% (It will fit both Letter size and A4 size paper)
  • TIP: Print it out on regular printer paper to practice folding the box and then when you're ready use thicker paper or card. You can print it out as many times as you like, so experiment and have fun!

positive qualities to describe you
Step 2 - Personalize it

Fill out the Nutrition Facts panel with some positive qualities to describe yourself. For example, Creative 40%, Adventurous 25%, Friendly 15%, Cheeky 10% and Quirky 10%.  You're an original so you want your carton to be too. If you need some examples page 2 of the download file has a list of positive qualities to inspire you.

color it
Step 3 - Color it

With your choice of pencils, gel pens or markers this is your chance to have express your unique creativity.

cut and fold
Step 4 - Cut and Score

Use scissors and cut along the Cut Lines marked on the template. Take your time and keep your hand steady.

Use a ruler and score the Dotted Fold Lines. This will make it easier to fold the paper and give it a professional finished look. Make sure to score all the dotted lines inclueding the diagonal ones at the top.

How to Score Paper:

  • Grab a butter knife and a ruler
  • Press the ruler down firmly at the place you want to fold
  • Then take the non-cutting edge of the butter knife and draw a line, staying right next to the ruler (don't press too hard)
  • TIP: Instead of a butter knife you could also try a crochet hook or the end of a pen cap

make a strawberry milk carton

Step 5 - Fold and Glue

Once you've scored along all the dotted fold lines now it's time to fold and glue.

  • Fold the paper along all the pre-scored dotted fold lines
  • TIP: Use a glue stick or double sided tape
  • Put glue on Glue Area A
  • Fold the paper inwards until you make a box
  • Fold in the two bottom small flaps
  • Put glue on Glue Area B
  • Fold in and then the final bottom flap
  • The top folds are a little tricky but the scoring you did earlier will help make it easier to do. Carefully fold paper inwards and pinch as you go - watching the video demo below will help
  • Finally glue or tape the top closed and voilà! You did it!

Let me know in the comments how you went or if you have any questions.

Full Video Demonstration

Watch a video demonstration on how to make the Strawberry Milk Carton using the FREE downloadable template.

The download includes two pages:
1) the milk carton template
2) a page where you can write down your positive qualities.

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